Individual poems

4 poems (audio) for SpeakEasy Cassettes, Episode 3
6 poems in Erotoplasty 6
2 poems in ctrl+alt+del issue 9
'unboxing, teardown: once in a land a firebird' &
'unboxing, teardown: this entirely new novelty of a bird' in The Use of English
'Performance score: War and War (after Krasznahorkai)' in Tentacular
2 poems in HVTN 4.2
'489' in Tentacular
'unboxing, teardown: the art of rhetoric' in Perverse
2 poems in Poetry Wales
4 visual poems on 3:AM
'1869: année érotique' on
3 poems on Stride
6 poems on X-Peri
2 poems on Hotel
6 poems on 3:AM
'lundi / l'eau / l'eau' – Poetry London

Reviews & Interviews

  • Colin Lee Marshall, Review of this Poem Brut performance, Spam zine, 27/9/19. Link to review
  • Interview with Peter Carpenter, The Use of English 71.1 Autumn 2019